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College Bound

Mike Miller

College Recruiter

Phone: 770-425-3420

- Masters in Sports Psychology 

- 8 years Volleyball Coach

- Profession Athlete Atlanta Braves

The C3 College Bound Program assists our student athletes in their growth as an athlete and student for meeting their goals in seeking opportunities to participate in collegiate athletics and recieve scholarship oppotunities. To support these efforts, we provide a well rounded approach for assisting the student athletes.

Counseling: Providing guidance and support for the aspiring college athlete to achieve the best opportunity available based on their current academic standing.

  • Academic Assessment
  • Personal Guidance
  • College Profiling

Conditioning: Providing individual and group training opportunities.

  • Baseline Fitness Assessments
  • Specific Training and Strength Needs
  • Individual and Group Athletic Training

Coaching: Access abilities and development potential to target college goals.

  • Athletic Assessment
  • Skill Development
  • Individual and Group Lessons